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    Oils, Oils, Oils join us the 4th Thursday of every month to learn everything about oils that you didn't know but, was too afraid to ask.  You will learn which oils help you sleep better; which ones help manage migraines; and so much more!  Oils can be used for medicinal purposes.  

    Couples' Therapy Massage $99

    This class is designed for couples who would like to perform massage on their mate, the correct way.  We offer massage sessions for couples that would like to learn basic massage techniques to alleviate minor aches and pains  while adding a little spice and romance. You and your mate will take turns learning the art of massage on each other.  The types of strokes and their names and what kind of response the body evokes from them.  This is a class not to be missed its a favorite among newlyweds and the engaged!  You must experience this for yourselves.